Hi, I’m Rita, a Nature, Lifestyle, and Portrait Photographer

"You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way."

— Song of Solomon 4:7

A little about me


I’m Rita

Above all I love the Lord with all my heart, mind and soul. Through the photo lens I am able to capture people as they show love to one another. Each person is unique and expresses themselves in so many ways. Capturing and freezing a moment in time that has an lasting effect is what I strive to do!


Relationship with people

I love to talk and get to know others. I love being able to capture love that families share between one another. From the first wedding look to the tinkle in your eye the moment you look at your infant for the first time is just icing on the cake!



I've had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember. However, I started taking photos professional in the fall of 2006. I love using natural light. I do prefer more of the gentle edits. In 50 years from now these photoshop harsh edits will change. I want to enhance your beauty not change it!


Interesting Fact

Not only am I a photographer, I own and operate a family child care business within my home. I have a master's degree. I am a child of the most high, Jesus Christ. My motto, never stop learning, growing and never ever give up!